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Services and Pricing

Freshman Year (a planning-only service)

- Academic and Extracurricular planning for entire HS Career, plus summer activities

- Familiarize student with "college" and opportunities

- Discuss Grades and tutoring/testing options

Freshman Year Service Price: $500

Sophomore Year

- Evaluate Grades and course load

- Assist in shaping student's academic curriculum to meet personal and collegiate standards

- Outline different collegiate requirements and options (UC/CSU, Private vs. Public Schools)

- Guide student regarding when and what standardized tests to take

- Assist in extracurricular and summer pricing

- Create a resume and/or activities sheet

Sophomore Service Price: $2200 (includes Jr./Sr. years)

Junior Year Package

- Familiarize student in college selection process

- Evaluate HS records and plan remaining two years

- Outline different collegiate requirements and options (UC/CSU, Private vs. Public Schools)

- Conduct college selection workshop

- Advise student on setting up college visitations

- Assist student in what standardized tests to take (SAT I/II, ACT, AP)

- Conduct mock college interviews

- General discussion of financial aid and scholarships

- Create formal resume and sample college essays

- Identify colleges for students based on academic and extracurricular achievement, as well as

her/her personal interests

Junior Year Service Price: $1700 (Includes senior year)

Senior Year Service

- Outline college application calendar

- Review current standardized test scores to determine if additional testing is needed

- Assist student in completing college and scholarship applications

- Proof applications and essays for errors and content

- Letters of recommendation advisement

- Assist student in preparing for college interviews

- Provide financial aid and scholarship information/applications

Senior Year Service Pricing: $1200

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